Support Market & applications Can the films be integrated into buildings (BIPV)?

Can the films be integrated into buildings (BIPV)?

BIPV stands for Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems and is often mentioned together with Building Applied Photovoltaic systems (BAPV).

BAPV are mainly conventional solar systems, generally installed on top of roofs. All standard PV applications are BAPV as they are attached to existing building structures (retrofit).

BIPV are solar modules integrated into the building surface elements. The PV solutions are, for example, integrated into building materials like walls, roof tiles, and ceramic or glass facades.

Due to its unique characteristics, Heliatek’s OPV is well suited to be integrated into building materials. It is ultra-light, flexible, ultra-thin and customizable in size, color, and transparency.

The first commercially available product HeliaSol® is a BIPV/BAPV hybrid solution. It can be applied to various other materials by gluing it, which makes it an integral element over lifetime. On the other hand, it is not fully integrated into a certain building material.

BIPV products using HeliaFilm® will be available from around 2022 through partners.

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