Support Product How does the production process look like?

How does the production process look like?

Heliatek manufactures its products using thermal evaporation in a vacuum, a processing method that is very common in the OLED industry. Nevertheless, Heliatek is the first company worldwide to establish this method into a solar technology roll-to-roll production line.

The key advantages:

  • Organic deposition based on simple sublimation: No use of carrier gas, transport reaction or other secondary processes
  • Stable process control in separate evaporation chambers: The proven process achieves reproducibility and homogeneity independent from the deposition rate
  • Robust stack design: The product has a little variation of efficiency
  • High-yield continuous process: A high material utilization is given by the design of the roll-to-roll machine.

The process consists of different sub production processes:

  1. The evaporation of the organic stack onto the pre-structured plastic film
  2. The encapsulation of the organic stack with the barrier
  3. The back-end finishing including adding the connectors and backside adhesive

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