Support Market & applications How much do the films cost?

How much do the films cost?

Heliatek energizes a totally new market for applications that were not suitable for solar technology before. Therefore, Heliatek does not compete with standard PV and cost comparison cannot be the relevant decision criterion.

Heliatek’s prices enable an attractive LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) in a growing number of applications and geographies. As the efficiencies improve, lower LCOE’s will lead to more accessible markets. Indeed, LCOE is a system parameter: Our organic solar films are for now still more expensive than standard PV modules, but its installation costs are significantly lower. This leads to an attractive overall system cost, especially in those applications where it is particularly cumbersome (in some countries even forbidden) to use standard PV.

With scaling and efficiency improvement, the OPV technology has the economic potential to compete with – and even beat – standard crystalline silicon based PV.

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