Support Company What is the company’s history?

What is the company’s history?

The company Heliatek is a spin-off from German universities of the TU Dresden and the University of Ulm. It was founded by Karl Leo, Martin Pfeiffer, Bert Männig, Peter Bäuerle, Jan Drechsel and Harald Eggers of whom three are still closely engaged with the company. Back in 2006, the mission was to develop a unique new solar energy solution with revolutionary technology, features, and applications.

In the past decade, Heliatek has developed the organic solar technology, its production processes and with HeliaSol®, the first industrial-grade organic solar film. Heliatek and its founders have won various prestigious awards verifying the leadership in OPV.

Today, over ten years later, Heliatek is known as one of the global leader in organic, green and clean solar technology. The company is at the edge of transforming its strong research and development (R&D) capabilities and competencies into a revolutionary product that is ultra-light, ultra-thin, flexible and truly green.

Heliatek is currently ramping up its series production and plans to start commercial sales of its organic solar films in spring 2020.

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