Support Market & applications Which applications are suitable for organic photovoltaic (OPV)?

Which applications are suitable for organic photovoltaic (OPV)?

Organic photovoltaic technology is a new PV-technology that has the potential to turn virtually any surface into an energy-generating surface. Buildings are suited perfectly for energy generation as they are big energy consumers at the same time. Therefore, the energy can be produced where it is need. The OPV technology is not meant to compete with traditional PV. It enables solar power generation on “locked” surfaces – in other words, those surfaces that were not accessible at all for conventional solar systems.

Due to OPV, solar energy becomes available for rooftops with low statics reserves, old buildings, lightweight buildings, facades, non-straight shapes, and for roofs that must not be penetrated.

OPV is usable across all industries, segments and countries.

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